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Monday, June 20, 2011

Judge Fuller retires

It is a sad day. Seventh Circuit Judge Pete Fuller has retired. Read it in the Rapid City Journal.

He's heard plenty of analysis on the issues facing him, so mine would be valueless. I will simply say that I know the man. I like him. And, I wish him well.


taco said...

He got a raw deal.

Les said...

Judge Fuller is far from perfect but, he did get a raw deal.

He now understands what the majority of us already know, you just can't fight city hall.

larry kurtz said...

Dear Judge Fuller:

When you get back to private practice, would you be interested in drafting a legal instrument with Barrick on behalf of the City of Lead for an economic development concept?

Thank you for your service, sir; and tell the bastards to go have sex with their own tasers.