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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This is kind of interesting to me. I checked the stats for the Forum, and clicked on "Popular Pages" (YOU don't have access to this secret stuff). The period below is just the last three days.

Naturally, the page most accessed is the home page. But what comes next is crazy. The most looked-at single page in the past three days is a post I put up in April a year ago. People who go there are going there because they specifically request that page. Where are those hits coming from?

Unfortunately, I can't track comparative hits like this for more than the past three days. This sure seems weird to me.


David Newquist said...

The pattern you note is one that Internet analysts have noted recently. People are searching for specific content.

My counters show a pattern similar to yours. One page on January Jones and her Hecla origins gets by far the most popular--I had over 8,000 one day. The next is on Gen. (Old Iron Tits) Mztthew Ridgway. However, as the word tits is always in the search windows, the searchers ain't looking for military history.

However, the rest of the hits which cover posts from a number of years are looking for specific subject matter, and they come from all over the world. I can't read some of them because they are Chinese or Japanese or Korean characters.

Blogs with content other than local gossip get world wide attention.

One of my recent posts that got attention from all over the U.S.and the world was on the 10,000-person pot out at the U. of Colorado campus in Boulder last week.

DDC said...

I think that the most likely explanation is the mention of the Sinaola Cartel. They've gotten a lot of less lately with more and more bodies stacking up in Mexico.

There's also the possibility that some people searched Oxner after your post over at Blogmore.


DDC said...

"less" should be "press".


Bill Fleming said...

Okay, I took a peek at them earlier. From memory, you had around 35 people looking at the page recently. One from Villahermosa Mx. Must be a sister city to Hermosa SD where there is also one (guess who THAT is...). Then, one in London, two in Rapid City, one in Florida, one in Phoenix AZ, and the rest in a chain on the West Coast running from Oregon to the Imperial Valley, South of Los Angeles.

None from Brookings, Pierre, or Sioux Falls at least when I looked last.

Bill Fleming said...

p.s. if you don't want me looking at this any more, Bob and Mike, you should maybe change the pass codes. I still have access from the "old days" when we set it up.


Michael Sanborn said...

I guess I don't really care if you look at the stats Bill. But I changed the access. I didn't take you off the blog access until last month.

Bill Fleming said...

Probably better to take me off of all of it, Mike. Thanks.