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Monday, April 19, 2010

Oxner receives Sinaloa Cartel award

At left is the coveted "Sinaloa Cartel Commendation of Excellence" bestowed weekly by the Sinaloa Cartel's leader, Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman, one of the world's richest men.

This week, Guzman honored South Dakota Highway Patrolman Matt Oxner, for his outstanding service to the Cartel.

A letter to Oxner accompanied the award, which was delivered by the widows of two policemen who were slain in Juarez last week by men in Guzman's employ.

The Rapid City Journal's Andrea Cook received a note of thanks from Guzman, as well, for her service in accepting as truth everything told her by anyone in the law enforcement field. Her story about Oxner which prompted Guzman's award can be read here.

Here is the text of the letter:

Senor Soldado Oxner;

I am writing in English because I doubt that a South Dakota Highway Patrolman reads Spanish. In fact, I doubt that a South Dakota Highway Patrolman even knows where Mexico is.

However, I want to express my extreme gratitude for your work in South Dakota which has helped me become one of the world's richest men. Ay! Chihuahua!

In one of the photos included you will see a pile of US and Mexican currency, representing about 20 minutes worth of income to my organization. Muchas, muchas gracias, mi amigo!!

In other pictures you will see the tied hands and severed heads of some people my men have killed, mostly just to help maintain the balance of terror and to stimulate respect for my authority. This is something, I am confident, that you will understand based on the excellence of your own work in South Dakota.

Finally, I have included a portrait of me, one of the world's richest men, for which I again express my extreme gratitude to usted y sus hermanos soldados y sus perros.

Adios, mi amigo,

P.S. When you retire from the Highway Patrol, you have a position available at much higher pay with the Sinaloa Cartel.


Bill Fleming said...

Jesus, Bob. That makes me sick. What the hell? Do we really have to look at that? Really? Come on, man, have a heart.

Bob Newland said...

Someone should look at it.

Bill Fleming said...

But you're preaching to the choir here, Bob. It's like when Sibby showed all the chopped baby pictures.

Made him look crazy, and didn't change anybody's mind.

Thankfully he stopped doing it.

Bob Newland said...

Really, Bill. Is that what you have to say about this post?

Bill Fleming said...

Yes, I can't get past the chopped off heads. Sorry.

Bob Newland said...

No, Bill, it's not like Sibby's babies. You support politicians who help fund the people who did this.

Bob Newland said...

If you don't like looking at the product of your support, subscribe to Pat Powers.

larry kurtz said...

Yow, so much for the bean dip. Every time there is a bust in this stupid state I go to Craigslist and post this warning somewhere, Musicians, Puget Sound, somewhere;

"Warning! Beware I-90 in South Dakota. Aggressive interdiction employing dogs. If traverse of this state is unavoidable inspect your vehicle for faulty equipment, obey all traffic laws, and turn off your cell phone. Post to other boards and tell your friends."

Great post, Bob; don't let the bastards (not you, Bill) wear you down!

Bill Fleming said...

Now you're really sounding like Sibby, Bob.

Your issue is significant and I'm working as hard as you are to bring peoples' attention to it. Harder I might argue, because I'm not restrained by court order not to.

Let's just say that sometimes your punk assed attitude isn't helpful in this regard and leave it at that, shall we?

You make it real hard for a lot of us to stick up for you sometimes, man.

Emmett Reistroffer said...

"[The cannabis] issue is significant and I'm working as hard as [Newland] to bring peoples' attention to it."

How many signatures did you collect on the Safe Access petition drive?

How much money did you donate to the Safe Access petition drive?

Bill Fleming said...

None. None. And your point is?

Emmett Reistroffer said...

It appears you made the point for me.

Bill Fleming said...

Bob, Emmet, please note. You want to turn heads and change minds? This is how you do it:

Pete said...

Its good to read the back and forth discussion. Gotta agree with Bob on this one. Look what graphics have done for the abortion debate and the killing of the baby seals and much more.
Time to bring in the truth, especially the ugliest parts if we want something more than stupid stupid people.

Bob Newland said...

And your point, Bill, is...?

Bill Fleming said...

You know what my point is, Bob.

Ken G said...

I agree with publishing the photos as well. Until all the do gooders realize what comes of their beloved prohibition, let them absorb the madness they insist on funding.

Bob Newland said...

No, Bill. I don't know what your point is.