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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jim, You're Kidding, Right?

Jim Shaw, in his Rapid City Journal column, tips his hat to Ron Weifenbach for throwing his hat into the mayoral race ring.

"The two-term alderman, who is giving up his Ward 1 seat to run for mayor, has raised the question of the appearance of insider favoritism in the hiring of the spouse of Mayor Hanks' top political consultant for a big-paying job at city hall.

Whether the individual is qualified or not, the possibility of quid pro quo has raised eyebrows from 300 Sixth St. observers."

First, Trudy Severson, wife of the mayor's political consultant, Jody Severson, is at the very least, overqualified for the job of being the mayor's secretary or personal assistant or executive assistant or whatever her title is.

Second, this is a dumb thing from which to make a political issue, especially for Jim Shaw, whose campaign manager became the marketing guy at the Civic Center shortly after Shaw's election. And, Steve Montgomery was damned good at the job. Shame on you Mr. Shaw. At least if you're going to play those political games in the Journal's columns, give the names of the people you're trying to smear.

I remember when you accused me of being "one of my opponent's campaign manager", from your mayor's seat at the council dais. You wouldn't name me or Sam Kooiker then. It wasn't true. And, it didn't work. First rule of negative campaigning: if you're going to kick ass and take right and give the names. Cute and evasive didn't work then and won't work now and you do Mr. Weifenbach a disservice by trying.



Earlier posts here had me nearly making book on Jim Shaw running for mayor again. He didn't. I was wrong. Plan now on seeing Shaw coming out even more sloppy for Ron Weifenbach. He hates Kooiker and Hanks too much to endorse either right now. And, actually, Ron's a good fellow. If I were him, I would accept Shaw's help if offered. But, if Shaw really wants to get him elected, he might consider avoiding an outright endorsement. Shaw came in a distant third in his last go-round with Hanks and Kooiker.

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taco said...

The key here is that you said she is overqualified for the position. If she weren't, I would have a problem because hiring should be meritorious. Given her qualifications, it sounds like she was a good hire for the taxpayers of Rapid City. If I'm Weifenbach, I would be careful about going after the Severson's - they have many friends in Rapid City.