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Thursday, March 31, 2011


We're in another citywide political race. This is an opinion blog. I have opinions.

Where I stand:
I support Sam Kooiker. I think he is the best man for the job. That does not mean I think the other candidates are bad men, although some of them are already taking bad advice.

I like billboards. I think that if the city wants to prevent billboard companies from doing business on land they either own or have leased, they should pay for the land and the value of the lease. If you're not going to do that stop interfering.

Ward 1
Charity Doyle is unopposed. I don't know her. I don't think it is a bad thing that we will have a civil engineer on the council.

Ward 2
I support Steve Laurenti. Mr. Laurenti had a good message and not enough money to compete with incumbent Deb Hadcock in the last election. Hadcock now has the travesty of the Kooiker censure to contend with. She may have an idea of what she's up against this time by the fact that the guy she hates the most is Sam Kooiker, and nobody dared run against him in his last election in the ward they share. Laurenti is smarter. I think he'll be a good councilperson. Third candidate, Richie Nordstrom, is a wee bit too far to the left for me.

Ward 3
Chad Lewis is facing Jerry Wright. Chad is a local builder and developer who knows the pressure of being in business, creating jobs and making a payroll. Jerry Wright is a career bureaucrat, who thought the best way to handle people stealing at the landfill was to ask them politely to stop.

Ward 4
Incumbent Ron Kroeger, a local Realtor is challenged by John Roberts, who lost to Kroeger two years ago. Ron is a popular councilman who has a good, solid history on the council. I do not like Kroeger's participation in the Kooiker censure. However, I believe he is the only councilperson who voted for the censure who will retain his seat. I supported Ron in the last election. And, I support him again. I know from personal experience that Ron's primary concern is for the good of the city.

Ward 5
Kay Rippentrop, who spent 41 years working at city hall and knows the inner workings of it inside and out, will face Ron Sasso, the director of a brain injury rehab program. I've known Kay for many years. She adapted to a bunch of mayors and a bunch of weird egos, some who screamed, some who built thrones and some who were utterly milk toast. In general I do not believe people who have spent their lives on the public dole, should run for office after they retire. I don't know Ron Sasso. Until I do, I'm reserving judgement in this race.

Ward 5

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taco said...

I co-sign to this post 100% except that I support Sasso.