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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Voters to smokers: DROP DEAD

IM 12 will win. The margin is too much. Nothing surprising here. As much as I dislike the notion of it, my lungs will probably benefit in the long run.

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sikofemall said...

I was really torn on this one. I voted yes because of the hypocrisy of the opponents with their "its about freedom" theme. The Liquor and Gambling boys enjoy mega governmental protectionism whilst making millions - to the point major restaurants will not locate here because they cant afford a liquor license. I cant join a wine club, and even Prairie Berry cannot ship me wine because of State law, and those folks want "the gummint off our backs". Guess what, I want the government out of the back pockets of the liquor and gambling good ole boys. I voted yes and I hope they do lose money untill they understand the negative effects their protectionism is having on the taxpayers of this state and do something about it.