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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Strategy? Right.

Having listened to "Dakota Midday" Monday and again today, I had to laugh at Billion's and Nesselhuf's assertions that not fielding a candidate to challenge Thune was a Democrat "strategy."

Anyone can run as a Democrat. Anyone who had run in the Democratic primary would have won the privilege of being on the ballot opposite Thune. The Democratic Party can't stop someone from running. The SDDP has no money, so it had nothing to offer a candidate running as a Democrat.

Fact is, no one wanted to waste his/her time and personal money trying to make a respectable showing against The Annointed One.

It may have been a "strategy," but the strategy was on the part of any of those who might have considered running against Thune, but who decided his/her time could be better spent honing his/her skills cutting his/her toenails with a hatchet.


Duffer said...

That's right. Democratic candidacy in SD is only a status-symbol strategy, for what that's worth.

It's hard to believe there are two people that want to be Party chairman.

The best strategy may be to walk away completely. No constitutional offices, no legislators, no nothin - real close to that reality as it is. Let the GOP take responsibility for it all, with no one else to blame. Could it be any worse than the arrogance, and cronyism of the current regime?

Thad Wasson said...

That strategy holds as much value as taking your mother to the Senior Prom.

larry kurtz said...

Agreed, or like playing dead. It was hard to take the comment seriously then he said it again.

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