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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One jerk we won't have to kick around anymore

Phat Phlowers of War College goes away.


Bill Fleming said...

Amazing. And he erased every trace of himself.
As though it never happened.

Douglas said...

Well, thought the post was an April Fool's day thrust, but checked my cellphone and it is November even if Christmas decorations are up already.

Maybe Kristi Noem is hiring bloggers ala John Thune.

Duffer said...

Off subject - but speaking of John Thune . . did anyone hear Kevin Woster's analysis of Jack Billion's statements about Dems not running someone against Thune on Dakota MidDay yesterday?

Kevin actually revealed a number of attack points that Dems could have made against Thune. Shocked to hear that come from him; but of course it's too late now. I know Daschle let Thune off too easily - particularly on his wallowing at the DME trough - but there was a lot more dirt inferred by Kevin that just that.

Anyone got a handle on the rest?

These guys are all bought/paid for.

larry kurtz said...

None of the new posters have exhibited a single proton of Pat's powers of poisonous prose.

Yeah, Woster kicks a few butts every week; it's the best show on Bill Janklow's idea of public radio.


Douglas said...

Like a stopped clock, Woster is now and than correct rather than the usual just right barely covered by plausible neutrality.

You have to listen to Woster carefully to hear that he accepts much of the GOP myths as truth and that acceptance of myth is implicit in his comments and questions.

I heard part of the public radio discussion, but not all of it. A couple telephone calls interrupted.

The real problem that Billion failed to address was that the passive acceptance of any of the right-wing blather by Democrats in the hope of pandering to the REpublicans gives those myths added credibility.

Cede all the South Dakota political spectrum real estate to the GOP talking points and pretty soon there is no Democratic Party.

Woster has accepted many of the things GOP that Daschle, Johnson, and Herseth-Sandlin pandered to as actual truth rather than bought and paid for astroturf.

That is another problem with wimp Democrats hoping to persuade rock-headed Republicans to somehow violate their lifetime reptile brain inputs to vote Democratic.

Bob Newland said...

The more I ponder it, the more I believe it really didn't happen.

Duffer said...

Streamed the program audio for the Woster comments about Dems not challenging Thune this election.

After calling the lack of a challenge an embarrassment to the State party, he noted:

1. The "Dan Nelson stuff"
2. The DME lobbying, and
3. Thune's votes on the bailout

Anyone have insight in to the "Dan Nelson stuff".

I'd be hesitant to criticize the state party for not challenging Thune - to me it's more of a question of humbling another good candidate and person who has no chance whatsoever of winning, no matter what Thune may have done.

Dems have no impact on policy in Pierre regardless of the numbers in their minority. A majority of voters in this State have digested the myth, like the caller from Pierre that stated on air that "he wanted his country back". At some point one has to examine the value
of attempting to reason with that type of mindset.

So, what's this Dan Nelson stuff the Senatuh slunk through?

Bob Newland said...

Dan Nelson owned some car dealerships in Iowa ans SD. In Rapid City, I think he had a Hyundai lot. He went bust, taking a bank or two with him, I think. He and Thune had been fondling each others' genitals for a while.

Bob Newland said...

Bob Newland said...

Bob Newland said...

Former Sioux City Car Dealer Sentenced to Federal Prison

repete said...

"Nelson's defense attorney says Nelson wasn't trying to steal and instead was trying to keep his business afloat."

Why isn't this guy running for office? LOL He's a natural!

Duffer said...

You guys are killin me. . .

Thune is apparently not concerned enough about this stuff to slow down his presuhdenshul ambitions.

Guy came from Murdo - limited capital - after six years in da District he's a multi-millionnaire. If he was a democrat in this state he'd have already been strung up.

Douglas said...

Thune also got something like $500,000 for a few months of "work" for health and health insurance industry.

I am not sure if he ever actually had a job that wasn't in government or in lobbying government.

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