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Monday, November 22, 2010


TSA is now handuffing reporters...

This whole touch my junk thing is out of hand. I want to fly safely, but TSA seems to be an organization with no boundaries. Airports can opt out. Sioux Falls did. Maybe opting out should be explored...before TSA goes exploring body cavities...

What say you Forumpians? Should TSA be allowed to protect our safety by randomly going to second base with whomever they choose?


Duffer said...

Michael - not sure "opting out" will solve the problem. The same equipment/standards are to be used by private contractors - the hope is they would be more customer-service oriented. TSA has been handed an impossible job.

Bottom-line, however, is that if a specified level of examination is required - it will be done.

I don't think it's the messenger. It's the message; and the Patriot Act, that most every legislator representing us signed without reading and in utmost haste, allows search and seizure without probable cause or respect to right to privacy.

I stopped flying. In truth, that's the only way to stop this; but then again, the real culprit here is the Patriot Act and an Activist (Fascist) court.

BTDT said...

I hope you can post the John Tyner video as well. TSA agents even prevented him from leaving and threatened a lawsuit AFTER he returned his ticket as was told to leave the airport. These folks make the Prase "going postal" obsolete.

repete said...

Oh poor me, I have a fake boob therefore you must leave me alone or I'll cry and feel bad about myself.

It's time we take this seriously. Custom made bombs can be fit almost anywhere or into anything. Check the boobs, nut sacks too if need be or the guy they let through will be the one to wipe out your family while he dreams of virgins.

Question: If your family was flying from point A to point B and you had a choice of them flying on a TSA searched plane or one that let the people feel better about themselves, which one would you send your family on?

Duffer said...

Just read of a poll (I know) that indicates huge support for the scanners and the "peace of mind" that repete advances.

The loss of right to privacy apparently doesn't bother most folks.

Repete - so you have no problem with every Tom/Dick/Sally checking out your family members' privates? If not, good for you I suppose. Some people care about things like that.

Apparently,however, most don't give a damn.

It is, in fact, invasion of privacy and subjection to search without probable cause. The Israelis don't do it.

Thad Wasson said...

Who inspects the T.S.A?

repete said...

Duffer, I understand your point. Very sadly those days left us on 9/11 for some situations. Like airplanes.
There is probable cause, maybe not you personally but lots of probable cause to go around... and there's a lot of things the Israelis don't do, including looking at faces under burkas... which is also pretty damn dumb.
Will the system get abused? Of course. Don't fly, or fly private. Or move to Israel? Seriously, if you had to fly your family to a foreign country, who would you use?

caheidelberger said...

I choose not to fly.

But remember: TSA has scanned seven billion passengers since 9/11. They haven't caught one terrorist. Cost vs. benefit?

repete: your insensitivity to folks who've had serious diseases and now wear prosthetics is appalling.

[Word Verification: dilylog... as in "Don't touch my...."]

caheidelberger said...

Also, repete, I'm bothered by your false dilemma, akin to saying "Would you rather go naked or wear a suit of armor?" We have sensible security options available that would do mkroe good than pointless searches of innocent American citizens. I think we can protect air travel and the Fourth Amendment. If you say we must abrogate the basic protections of the Constitution just because al-Qaeda ges lucky once or twice a decade, then we've lost.


repete said...

caheidelberger: >But remember: TSA has scanned seven billion passengers since 9/11. They haven't caught one terrorist. Cost vs. benefit?

This would be the smartest warfare we conduct for the cheapest price (dollars and life).
Do you really think that the terrorists/radicals wouldn't exploit that hole if it were open?

Once or twice a decade? Hello? Haven't you been paying attention? Once or twice a decade only if we're lucky and only if we adopt strong measures at the gates.

I hope you're right and they can figure out some technology that can replace the human for this job... but they are trying to outsmart some pretty clever humans.

Insensitive to prosthetic? No, I'm sorry they have that problem, now add this crap on top of it all. Life's not fair sometimes.

BTDT said...

The problem never was the passengers, the problem was passengers getting into the cockpit. That has been solved hasnt it ?

taco said...

Ron Paul says the government is treating citizens like cattle:

Duffer said...

We can bounce the fear/benefit thing back and forth.

To me - it's about a continuous loss stream involving our Constitutional protections.

I grew up in a time when law enforcement had a heck of a time obtaining a search warrant from a judge - any judge. In that time a patrol officer had no thoughts whatsoever of searching your automobile when he had you stopped for a traffic offense - the courts recognized your auto as an extension of your home . . . and law enforcement just did not break that barrier. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights protected us from unwarranted intrusion by our Government.

We've lost that folks, because we've given it away . . because we're afraid. The fear-mongers have raped you of your freedoms and usurped power.

Repete - your argument is the argument of fear . . and bargaining away your freedoms for false comfort. That's a slippery slope for sure.

Won't be long and the jack-boots won't need a search warrant to knock down your door; and there won't be a thing you can do about it.

The "Ends justifies the Means" philosophy has a stranglehold on our criminal-justice, court and legislative systems and you just don't get freedoms back when you give them up folks.

I'm just sayin . . . .

BMW said...

It would take time and intense training, but why not "behavioral profiling"?

Better yet, build a bomb proof room in all airports that everyone walks through and while in that room, magnetic fields or sonic fileds designed to explode any bomb, does it's job.

Duffer said...

It's another thread . . . How did we get to this place where we are debating the forfeiture of the basis of our formed government because other cultures regard us with suspicion, or generally hate us?

The impact of corporate/economic and religion based influences on the actions of our government, domestically and particularly internationally, on our behalf.

Anyone following the writings of Naomi Klein and Matt Taibbi?

larry kurtz said...

Naomi Klein is a goddess. Wonder what her scan looks like.


Duffer said...

. . . left to our imagination dangit

Douglas said...

Another good reason to support high speed light rail and forget about subsidizing domestic airline flights.