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Friday, October 1, 2010

Want to help out the wingnuts?

Newland note: Following is an email sent out to the "South Dakota Conservative Party" email list. It was forwarded to me by one of the recipients.

Attention Fellow Wing Nuts!

This is a red alert! Hopefully you know we have scheduled a discussion about the ballot measure to legalize medical marijaruna for our Tuesday October 5th meeting, 11:30 AM at the Eagle's Lodge here in Rapid City.

Bob Newland who is a proponent (in favor of the measure) has gleefully agreed to come for the discussion.

Here is the problem, I am having trouble finding someone who will come and speak as to the reasons we should not vote for this ballot measure.

I have contacted the state's attorney's office, the sheriffs office, circuit court to no avail so far. So, help me out! We need someone who would come who is an opponent of the measure.

If you know of someone I can call, or if you personally know someone who would come on Tuesday,

Please give me a call at 605-348-7373 or 390-0838, or email me at the shop email:
Bill Napoli


Duffer said...

Mr. Napoli obviously hasn't read the proposition. With it's inherent restrictions, and the spectre of additional encumbrances yet to be considered by the legislature - it will easily be the most restrictive medical cannabis law in the country. Those who need the medication will be hard-pressed to come by it - Doctors will be intimidated from prescribing it, and those that dare to supply it will be exposed to all manner of fascist invasions.

And in California it's going to be legal.

repete said...

Damn funny that they are having trouble finding anyone to speak against im13. Hard not to smile at that!
I've talked to several older folks that are now saying they are disgusted that any government would come between a patient and their doctor. Maybe the 'death panels' scare showed the senselessness of the MJ laws.

Neal said...

This is hilarious on so many levels.

Bob Newland said...

For the record, as I think back to Napoli's phoned invitation to appear, I don't think I would have used the word "gleefully" in conjunction with my acceptance of the invitation.

I'm happy to promote my point of view on the subject anytime, so I'm not saying I was reluctant. But "gleeful?" Not quite. I'll give you a word for it soon.

taco said...

Whose the sacrificial lamb to be tossed to Newland?