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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where is the opposition?

No one is posting opposition to IM13 in So. Dak. except Bob Ellis, and he doesn't allow commentary. War College isn't touching it, because the commentary refutes Powers' idiocy. Even Powers' normal agreement group disagrees with him on it.

The Journal ran a story about the issue today, but Blogmore simply deletes my comments when I ask for discussion..


Michael Sanborn said...

The benefits are undeniable. The endorsers are believable. The electorate is convinced. Except for
Ellis and War College.

repete said...

Even the T-Party is leaving the issue alone... all good signs.

Bill Fleming said...

Plus, I hear the you-know-who boys are doing the media and placement for the opposition.

My old buddy (who is doing Bob's side) pretty much said, well it looks like we're going to be having medical marijuana in South Dakota.

Long and short of it, judging by the looks of things on the media street, I'm cautiously optimistic for you, Bob.

larry kurtz said...

The Journal Editorial Board will be meting out the Kisses of Death pretty soon. Hard to know.

The Lee papers in Montana are all over the map as are comments about the what the legislature should do to amend 148. SD's law is far more restrictive. Cory's plate is pretty full and will hopefully do another after the Vet story. Newquist, too.

Bill Dithmer said...

I have never seen a measure that has been so cussed and discussed. It runs the complete age bracket from those in their eighties and nineties, down to kids that are eighteen years old.

For those that are older it sure seems like the argument is that they have seen a lot of pain and suffering in their lives. For most of these people IM13 makes sense because it has the potential to help someone else that might be in the same position that they have been in themselves. Plus a lot of them remember what prohibition did to the people in this country and they don’t want us to go down that road ever again.

For the younger ones, lets give credit where credit is due. Its not like the old days when there wasn’t any research to see at the local library. All they have to do is go to the net and the facts just jump out at them in black and white. I would bet there have been some real interesting conversations in homes where even the word marijuana wasn’t allowed in the past let alone talk about medicinal use of cannabis.

One of the talking points that people are using to defeat IM13 is that when it has passed in other states there seems to be a lot of people that get a doctors script to obtain medical cannabis. To me that isn't even an argument, after all it is a safe treatment for a lot of different things with a medical history to prove its worth with further studies stating its value coming out all the time.

IM13 is about respecting a persons choice in how they and their doctor choose to deal with pain and suffering. My advice to those that are against this measure is if you don’t want to use marijuana to deal with pain then don’t, but please don’t restrict the freedom of those that do.

The Blindman

Ken G said...

Bob Newland says:
"but Blogmore simply deletes my comments when I ask for discussion.."

Funny you say that. Lee also owns the Billings Gazette and most major Montana papers. Originally being from Billings I read the Gazette frequently. Once the dispensary issue started making waves the Gazette ran with it. On a near daily basis they were running negative articles about how bad medical marijuana was being abused. I was regularly making comments on their "reader comments" boards, no name calling, just trying to help educate people on the issue.

I did however start calling out the Gazette and Lee Enterprises in my comments saying they were partially responsible for the large influx of medical marijuana patients. My opinion was that the near daily stories complaining about how easy the system was being gamed wasn't helping the issue. They were basically educating the public that getting a card was as simple as pie. So everyone and their neighbors started signing for cards. Up until that point it was hardly being abused.

After blaming Lee Enterprises for the rush of new card carriers, my account disappeared and I can't log in anymore. Many other supporters have also disappeared from the reader comment section. Sad.