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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prang smashes Newland

Tuesday (Oct. 12) I presented the case, at invitation, for Measure 13 to a group calling itself the So. Dak. Conservative Party at the Eagles Lodge in Rapid City. Pharmacist Jo Prang was there, invited to oppose me. It was a luncheon. I had a hot turkey sandwich with peas. Pretty good.

Among those in the audience were Bill Napoli, Rep. Don Kopp, Sen. Dennis Schmidt, and Rep. Phil Jensen. 34 people showed up.

I made my standard pitch that it is inhumane to jail people for using medicine that works to alleviate their suffering. Ms. Prang said some fantastic things.

She said that nine out of ten patients who try cannabis for their illness “don’t like it.” Her implication is that those who do “like” it should be punished for liking it. She might have also been implying that Measure 13 would force the others to use cannabis.

She said that Mike Tyson is crazy because he used marijuana and a prescription drug at the same time. Funny, I always thought it was because huge men hit him in the head as hard as they could repeatedly.

She said that MS patients who use cannabis to alleviate their pain and spasms sometimes commit suicide. I think she was implying that those who escape self-execution should be jailed.

At the end, moderator Napoli conducted a ballot of those present, first asking if anyone had changed his position since arriving. No hands were raised. The tally was 22 opposed to allowing sick people the full range of palliatives available, 12 in favor. At least four of those 12 were there because I asked them to come.

Tonight, the Newland-Prang show moves to National American University Auditorium, near the jail in downtown Rapid City. 7:00. Don’t be late! It’s FREE!


Neal said...

A not insignificant number of those 22 who voted against it will vote the other way in the privacy of the polling booth.

Bob Newland said...

That might be true, Neal, in a gate cut of the general population. However, the poll yesterday was by secret ballot, and if you had heard the comments and questions, I doubt you'd say that.

I wish it to be true, but I don't think it is. On the positive side, there's a reason the Teabaggers haven't really caught on.

Neal said...

Oh, I didn't realize it was a secret ballot.

What a bunch of losers. And they call themselves conservatives. They are the farthest thing from it. And they are oblivious to that fact.

Bill Fleming said...

Great story. Was Michael there to cover it? Woster?
It's always good to have press with you at those things, Bob.

Donna said...

Interesting that she used the suicide rate for MS. The rate of suicide for MS patients is about 7.5 times that of comparable age groups. It's a horrible disease with no hope of recovery. Bless their hearts if they can find some relief. I truly don't see how anyone can deny them a reprieve from their pain.

repete said...

What were her questions to you, Bob?

Bill Dithmer said...

Bob you have to force her to give the sources for her statements. Nothing else will accomplish your goals. Otherwise she can say whatever she wants to say and get away with it. It is time to go on the attack not be defensive. You need to go into tonights debate and plainly state what case studies have shown.

I have been searching and I cant find anyplace where she came up with her quotes on MS or the nine in ten patients not likeing cannabis.

larry kurtz said...

Bob, obese people are insidious drags on taxpayers; it is impossible for her to be a credible witness.

Call her on it.

taco said...

Prang's statements are insane. I will never, ever, every step foot in Med-Cap pharmacy again.

taco said...

Correction: My family no longer believes that Medi-Cap pharmacy has our bests interests at heart.

Bob Newland said...

Taco, I peed a little bit at your revised comment.

Repete: I can't remember three of her questions, but here was the first one. "Why are you going to college campuses to promote Measure 13?"

My answer: "In a political campaign, you go where the votes are."

Neal said...

In retrospect I would have liked to ask her where this distrust of doctors comes from. Presumably she trusts doctor recommendations and prescriptions for every other drug available at her pharmacy. But not with marijuana.

Why can't doctors be trusted on this issue?