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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Newland smashes Prang in rematch

Gotta get on the road. Campaigning in Spearfish today. But here's part of what happened at NAU last night. Of the four questions I submitted for the moderator to pose to Prang, her answer to this one stood out.

Question: "A Rapid City internal medicine specialist, Dr. Doug Traub, has testified in court -- on behalf of a patient being sentenced for possession of cannabis -- that “smoked cannabis is essential to my patient’s therapy.”

Was Dr. Traub lying, or was he just demonstrating professional incompetence?"

Prang, having two minutes to respond, spent one minute and 57 seconds saying..., well, saying unrelated stuff. Then she said, "So, I have to say that was unprofessional behavior on the part of Dr. Traub."

She also said Traub had made her cry once.

Fairly huge, I think. A pharmacist said a doctor had acted unprofessionally by telling a court that his terminal patient needed a specific medicine with a specific delivery path. Woh!

I think Taco has made a wise decision (see comments on previous post).

By the way, here's the story on which I based the question. I was in the courtroom.


DDC said...

I wonder if she tells patients that they shouldn't get a prescription filled if she disagrees with the doctor's recommendations?


I hope you don't mind that I changed where forwards to.

DDC said...

Dag nabbit, screwed up the link somehow.

Bob Newland said...

That's a great place for to lead.