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Monday, October 25, 2010

Aberdeen American News endorses Measure 13

Yes to medical marijuana

Initiated Measure 13, more commonly called the medical marijuana issue, should be approved by voters.

Fourteen states already allow the medical use of marijuana. In 2006, 48 percent of South Dakota voters said yes to legalizing marijuana for medical use. We think this time it should pass.

The proposed law would be the most limiting in the U.S. It requires a doctor's certification that is good for only six months, users would have to register with the Department of Health and it does not allow the sale of marijuana. The patient or his or her caregiver must actually cultivate the plant.

Scientific studies have proven that marijuana can help patients with chronic or debilitating diseases.

Marijuana should be treated like any other substance that helps patients deal with serious diseases.


Duffer said...


Do you know who, or what group, is funding the radio ad (featuring Jo Prang) against IM 13 - the one I hear during the Bob/Tom show every morning?

I can't make out the (grant?) provider as the audio is so poor. If it's coming from government, it may very well be done so contrary to State law.

Bob Newland said...

I heard it today for the first time. I am sure the sponsoring group is an extra-governmental opposition group.

In any case, the ad is so bad, I don't mind it. I especially like that they are wasting money advertising on Tom & Bob.