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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why DID the cowboy cross the hill?

Repete wins coffee with me. Call me (605-255-4032) or email me. You'll have to respond to a spam filter challenge.

I am aware that the selection process was fairly arbitrary. I laughed out loud more than once as I read your submissions. Lysdexic Om was close, as was original T party. John 3:20 even came close, because it was so emblematic of its submitter's confusion.

Whenever repete schedules coffee with me, I'll letcha all know, and I'll buy for anyone who shows up. Won't that be fun?

From the Newland wakes up every two or three days department: "This scene is unavoidable for me. It offends the hillside about 100 feet from Highway 40 where I drive by it every time I head home from Hermosa heading west. (from the original post, below)

It just occurred to me that if I headed home any direction from Hermosa but west, I wouldn't get home for quite a while.


larry kurtz said...


How did the rally go? Haven't seen anything on the RC Urinal this morning. ip is in Basin.

"lions" wow

Bill Fleming said...

"Why did the cowboy cross the hill?" Perfect. Very elegant, actually. Good call Bob. Good work, Repete.

It would have been the shits if Ellis would have won.

Mostly because of what Bob N. would probably have put in his coffee. ;^)