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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rally for compassion.

South Dakotans for Compassion and South Dakotans for Safe Access will have a rally at 8th and St. Joseph Streets (downtown Rapid City SD) tomorrow (Sept. 13) at 5 pm. We’ll hold signs that say things like “Vote Yes on 13,” “Honk for Compassion,” “Let Doctors and Patients Decide.”

Bring your own sign if you like. Or come to the Staging Grounds at 632 St. Joe (at the Jefferson statue) and make a sign. We’ll supply the materials. We’ll be doing that at 4 pm.

Be there or be square. (Originality in slogans is our stock in trade.)

John Thompson is the coordinator. 605-593-6852

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Bill Dithmer said...

Can someone take some pictures and bring some information back to the Forum so that those of us that live to darn far away can see what happened? I don’t travel to good any more or Belinda and I would be there.