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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The obvious is somehow not relevant.

Prohibition has no upside. It has produced no benefits to us generally, as well as I can tell. Perhaps you can enlighten me.

Prohitibition has, however, produced a great deal of..., ...uh, shall we say..., “collateral damage?” That is to say that it has ruined the lives of lots of people but has not improved the lives of any except those who enforce it, and only because they enforce it.

Prohibition in the United States, along with the American way of using its power and money, has destabilized the government of every country south of us in this hemisphere, and has been a contributing factor in America’s foreign policy club-handedness in most of the rest of the world.

Prohibition has been the seed of most criminal laws passed during the past forty years, which include many restrictions on firearms ownerhip/possession and monetary privacy, and which infect the relationship between you and your doctor.

Prohibition has achieved none of its stated goals, including reduction of rate of use of prohibited stuff and an increase in the average age of first use. It has in fact managed to increase the rate of use of the prohibited substances and to steadily decrease the average age of first use.

Prohibition is provided us compliments of the Republicans and Democrats.


Bob Ellis said...

No, there is no upside to being sober minded.

We really need more intoxicated people in society. Our community and our state would be infinitely better if more people were stoned.

Bob Newland said...

Ellis's stupidity pissed me off so much I deleted his comment. Then I decided to repost it, because, well, because it's so fucking stupid.

Prohibition brings the harms of which Ellis speaks. Ellis knows this, but still spins his wheels in the manure bed of..., of..., I can't begin to express an analogy to the nature of whatever mental state Ellis can be in.

You say you want to control the distribution of certain stuff, then you praise the policy that prevents you from ever possibly getting a handle on it.

I knock my head against the wall.

taco said...

I'm glad you let Bob Ellis put his two cents forth.

Speaking of Mr. Ellis, I wish he would quit holding himself out as a defender of liberty - he is not and that is why true defenders of liberty stay away from any group he associates with.

larry kurtz said...

Mr. Ellis is obese and is a hypocrite.

taco said...

Do we really need more obese people in society? How does that help society?

Bill Dithmer said...

Wow I leave here for a week to go and see our grandbabies and come back to see little Bobby Ellis here again. When I left everything seemed fine, he hadn't been here for a while and I thought maybe, just maybe he had crawled back to his web site to read his book of fables. No Bobby I'm not saying anything about God I'm saying it about you.

You Bobby are a drive by slimmer. That’s right just like the inmates in the pen and the monkeys in the zoo if you don’t like something you stop and throw your crap at a blog and then just disappear.

Why not stop in for a good chat so we can discuss real issues like real men and women. Oh that’s right you don’t like women much do you? Well you can talk to me if you want to. The women that I know would just eat you alive anyway.

By the way there were some interesting comments in the Argus on the articles. I didn’t know until reading them that there was a movement at about the same time as prohibition to make tobacco illegal. It had the same effect as with booze, it just made people want it more.
Good nite Gracie rrrrrrrrr Bobby.