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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nonprofit RCRH competing with private enterprise

A Journal story about Rapid City Regional Hospital requiring that "free lunches" provided by drug representatives be purchased from RCRH's catering business. Read it here.

There is quite a bit of discussion on the story, which surprises me. I figured most folks don't much care about the subject.

Regional has long pushed the legal limits of their nonprofit status by competing with local businesses. For many years, the hospital has provided local doctors and medical centers with free advertising services, including brochure, letterhead, business card, etc. design and direct competition with local advertising and design agencies and printing companies.

This most recent news is hardly a surprise. RCRH increased their rates this year, in the shadow of a $45 million profit year and an economic recession felt by every actual and potential RCRH patient. That move sparked the resignations of board members Thomas Short Bull and Steve McCarthy. Read about that here.

Local restaurants are simply the latest victims of nonprofit RCRH's lust for profit. Only a court challenge of their nonprofit status will stop them.

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