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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Masons go out on a limb again

From the KOTA website:

D Masons urge parents to identify their children"

Once again it appears that the Masonic Order has taken a goofy stand. Don't parents have enough to do without making sure who they're doing it for?


Bill A. said...

A goofy Stand? Really? So it's goofy to want to safe guard children? I am sorry but I beg to differ. The Child ID Program has been hugely successful around the country and has aided many parents over the years. It is usually co-sponsored by a police or Fire agency. No information is kept by the collectors as all that is collected is given to the parents of the child. It is as much a deterrent as a tool if the unthinkable does happen.
The information is in a format that can easily be transmitted over the Amber Alert system by Police agencies nation wide.
One of the primary duties of a Freemason is to help, aid or assist the defenseless, i.e. widows, children and orphans.
So I would say you sir are a cad!

Michael Sanborn said...

You're treading on thin ice on this one, Bob.

Your Friend Michael, 32°