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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Look, Jane! See Spot run. See Stan plan.

Yep, ol' Stan's got a handle on it, and will "absolutely" be sure that South Dakota's medical cannabis will be tightly regulated.

As far as I know, ol' Stan has yet to get a single bill that he has submitted passed.

Maybe this will be a first for the least effective legislator in the So. Dak. statehouse.

If you want some more-or-less objective local news coverage of the upcoming vote on IM13, click here. There's an online poll for you to inflate if you'd like, as well.


Bill Fleming said...

It would be interesting to see how Colorado has fared on this issue tax wise. Anybody know?

DDC said...

OK, I'm trying to figure out what all the problems that they are having in CO are? The problems is that more people are taking advantage of the law than were when it first passed? I really didn't hear any problems being addressed in the video other than increased volume of users.

I'd also be curious to hear what kind of legislation Stan is dreaming up.

Ken G said...

@ Bill F.
Here's a link to how Colorado is doing with pot taxes (9 Million Medical Marijuana Tax Dollars to offset budget shortfall) ...

Ritter turns to medical-pot fund to help balance Colorado budget

Bill Fleming said...

Thanks, Ken G. With SD being about 1/6th the population of Colorado, that looks like maybe a million and a half bucks to the State coffers then?

Of course, they'd double that during Rally week, right?

A lot of sick people show up in Sturgis around then, if I'm not mistaken. ;^)

larry kurtz said...

That brings up a good point, Bill. ip lobbied both Chuck Turbiville and Jerry Apa about introducing legislation that would make Deadwood a cannabis-friendly zone. Bet you can imagine how that went.


DDC said...

There isn't any revenues to made made with IM 13. Since the plants will be grown by patients and or caregivers, there won't be anyone to tax for it.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't see any source of tax revenue in the measure.

That's the "downside" of not having dispensaries as part of the bill.

Duffer said...

Tough-guy Stan will advance legislation that will intimidate doctors and their managers - making it all but impossible to get a scrip.

It'll also subject "caregivers" to gestapo-esque searches - so no one will want to do that.

He'll also insist that scrip-holders be entered in NCIC data-bases - so patrols will have probably cause for random searches and testing.

Cool - watch what's coming. They intend to make the voters "sorry" they voted in favor.