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Monday, May 24, 2010


Scott and His Eldest Son
Scott Heidepriem
says: "...leadership in Pierre has spent too much money, wasted precious resources, failed to provide real leadership while conducting the people's business in secrecy..."

Scott's a very nice guy and is fairly street-wise, but takes political positions on issues that I am not convinced he holds personally. Even so, of the crop currently running, I believe I will vote for him in the end. I think he holds more promise to effect justice and promote liberty in South Dakota than the folks I list below. That is scant praise, but then, all Heidepriem has to do to get my vote is be better than all of the following guys.

Dave Knudson's web page ignores Knuppe, Munsterman, Howie, and Heidepriem. Dave himself seems confused over the choice between Daugaard and him.
Good Men

Dennis Daugaard was interviewed by Kevin Woster (and online questioners) last week:
[Question From Bobby Bobby : ]
Dennis in looking at your campaign filing reports it appears you've collected tens of thousands of dollars from current dept heads and state employees. There are some of us that believe that those positions need to turn over occasionally and we should not have lifetime appts for Sec of Health, Sec of Social Services, etc. By taking their contributions the past couple years there is almost an implied position that you'll contiue to employ them. If you were elected do you plan to appt some new cabinet people or continue to work with what is there?
Friday May 21, 2010 8:42 Bobby

8:46 [Dennis Daugaard replies:]
If there are people who believe they are entitled to a job because of a campaign contributions, they are fooling themselves. If elected, I will choose the best person for each job, regardless of whether they donated to my campaign, and regardless of whether they occupy that position currently or not.
Remember that, as Lt. Governor, I have worked closely with many state employees. I believe I have earned their respect, so it is not a surprise that some of them have joined thousands of other South Dakotans - from all walks of life and over 170 different SD towns - in contributing to my campaign.


Scott Munsterman says: "The governor and the Legislature should limit the growth of state government to the rate of inflation and no longer use one-time sources of revenue to cover increased ongoing costs."

Yawn. Nothing about liberty or justice there.

Then, there's Gordon Howie. Howie has the most entertaining website of any candidate for governor of South Dakota (scant praise again). He also has the worst song ever heard associated with a political campaign. Let's hope he's the Republican nominee.
Gordon Howie for South Dakota Governor 2010

Ken Knuppe has yet to say anything about liberty or justice.

He does say, "Our form of government is for all the people. It should be run so we can all understand it, and it should be run so we can all participate in it. When problems exist that can best be dealt with by government, we need leadership that will involve people - in an open, objective process to seek solutions. Keeping it simple and understandable increases the chances for success." Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


Thad Wasson said...

Howie is the Tabasco in a cabinet full of fat-free mayo.

Bill Fleming said...

Oooh, good metaphor, Thad. Now all we need is some pigmeat, and a campfire.