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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Governor? Part Deux

I'm going to disagree with my friend Bob here in his hope that Gordon Howie is the Republican nominee, which of course, would absolutely assure a Heidepriem win.

I would remind Bob of another Democrat who sailed into office on the promise of transparent fiscal responsibility: Barack Obama. Woohoo! Trillions later, that's not working out so well, even though he continues to blame everything on the previous administration. (One wonders when he will take responsibility for himself.)

Gordon Howie is a personable guy who also happens to be so far off between Saturn and Pluto that we, as South Dakota voters, would be irresponsible to allow him to hold office again. And, Republicans would be foolish to advance his candidacy. Gordon's primary issue is bringing God to government. His God.

He can talk all he wants about responsible spending, but he is one of the first in line to vote for abortion legislation the state cannot afford to defend in the US Supreme Court.

He believes laws do not apply to him, if God says they don't. He says government has no business in religion. But he has the First Amendment backward. Religion has no place in government. And, if thinks differently, he needs to go get a history lesson about King George and the Church of England and the founding of this country.

Is Howie the most colorful candidate, as Bob suggests? Probably. But he is not the best candidate. And if Republicans expect to defeat Heidepriem, they will nominate Daugaard. I've had several conversations with him and believe him to be the best candidate for the job. I know he is his own man. I know he understands business. I know he can take a state in financial trouble and resurrect it as he did with Children's Home.

Both Knudson and Heidepriem are targeting Daugaard. Their polling is telling them that he's the guy to beat and I believe that is true. And, I believe it's true because he's the best guy for the job.


Wayne Gilbert said...

My hunch is that a general election between Heidepriem and Daugaard would be close, but that one between Heidepriem and Howie would not. This is not an expression of support for anyone, just an observation.

Donna said...

Howie may have just nailed the coffin shut on his own. $57,000 in past due property taxes and his stupid statement in regard to the debt will hopefully remove all doube about how worthless he is as a candidate.

Donna said...

I need spell check- that should read- remove all doubt...

Les said...

Michael, you've just dropped in the into the privvy of reporter babble.

This can only be explained by a no bid future or a dip in the magical oil rubbed on by those in a desperate attempt for status(that is with my past respect for your intelligence).

You've not explained how his millions in camp dollars represent you and I.

You've not explained if it will be you or I responsible for paying the piper to those very generous donors while our state plays 2nd fiddle.

You've not explained how running a home relates to running a state.

You've not explained how one day it is the R/D admin and the next Dennis had no voice in pulling the National Guard for example from the whole northwest corner of our state(a unit every 35 miles in radius east river). You do understand National Guard is not just for a special few right?

You've visited with Dennis several times and you know he is his own man, know he can run a business, know he can take a state in financial difficulty(though Dennis would disagree we are in trouble) and turn it around?

Oh, great Carnack, I think we should elect you governor of our precious state.

Bill Fleming said...

So Les, if Howie doesn't win the primary, what happens to the Tea Party movement vis a vis the Governor's race?

Les said...

Bill, that would depend on who would have won the primary in that case. I think they could support any GOP other than the political insiders.

Two significant groups will detirmine this primary, however the 59% undecided(still)after a couple million in advertising are priming the pump for an "Historic Upset"!