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Friday, April 23, 2010

Rule Loving Fun Haters

I heard this term (referring to Democrats) on the Dennis Miller Radio Program on KTOQ the other day. I'm not absolutely certain I'm willing to apply it to all my Democrat friends. But, I do like the sound of it and it does seem to accurately describe our lawmakers in general.

Your thoughts, Forumpians?


Pete said...

Good thing you qualified that, "referring to Democrats", I kinda saw it the other way around. :)
It is catchy.

Bob Newland said...

Rule Loving Fun Haters Who are Inestimably Smarter Than the Rest of US.

Bill Fleming said...

Here's some liberal fun for ya...

Be sure to catch Dennis Miller in all his ass-kissing glory at the end of the clip. All hat, no cattle, that guy.
But pretty funny here. These people are clueless to a man.

Anonymouse Pedant said...

I don't spend enough time here to call myself a Forumpian, but...

"I'm not absolutely certain I'm willing to apply it to all my Democrat friends."

Hmmm... you used a capital "D". Last time I checked, "Democrat" was a noun, not an adjective. I'd be impressed if you (and a whole bunch of other people) stopped uttering phrases like "Democrat friends" when what I think you meant is "Democratic friends."

It's a subtle but non-trivial distinction. "Democrat" is a noun. "Democratic" is an adjective. As is democratic with a small-d. The frequent references to Democrat Party, Democrat Senator, Democrat friends, etc. by conservative writers make my skin crawl.

Not that I have any strong feelings of affection for the Democratic Party or anyone who can be called a Democrat. It just fires the same trigger in my mind when I hear phrases like "Jew banker." Usually, these days, the latter is uttered dripping with irony. The former(s), however, seems to be a perfectly acceptable way to refer to members of the Democratic Party.

I don't mean to imply that the plight of Democrats, whatever it might be, is in any way comparable to the way Jews, or several groups, have been treated.

This has bothered me for a long time, since at least 2004. After a few minutes of Googling I found that I'm not the only one who had noticed this. Check out the links at the end to see what others have written.

If someone knows of or can find a valid reason why "Democrat Party" is a correct reference, I'm all ears. Note: I don't accept "language changes over time" as a valid reason. I didn't accept that from the my English professor at SDSM&T who didn't know the difference between "good" and "well" and I don't accept it now, given that the terminology has been coming primarily from the conservative camp and is obviously political (or obviously subconscious).

Wikipedia - "Democrat Party"

P.S. Perhaps I'm missing something but referring to Democrats as the "Rule Loving Fun Haters", instead of the "other" party, doesn't make sense to me. I thought Republicans were primarily the ones who like to talk up "rules" (same-sex-monogamous relationships only, e.g.) while privately violating them. Sure, some Democrats don't meet that standard. But they usually aren't the ones insisting everyone else do so.

Bill Fleming said...

I would say the "rule-loving-fun-hater" award of late goes to the Republican Governor and Legislature of the fair state of Arizona.

Ken G said...

So I'm not the only one in the room that also thinks the Republican party is more the "No" party / "rule loving fun haters". I was a McCain voter, the more time that goes by the more I see the Republicans completely self imploding. The only freedom Republicans want anymore is solely for corporate America. Between Faux News, Rush and Palin, I'm embarrassed to go along with it much more.

In regards to the new Arizona legislation, having lots of family and friends there, an illegal immigrant nightmare is taking place. If the Feds won't step up then the states, as in Arizonans case, will force their hand. The new law probably won't stand, but if it forces Washington to get serious about it, so be it. The same can be said about marijuana, should California voters pass legalization.

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