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Friday, April 23, 2010

Give me a #@$%& break, then pass the salt

The Food and Drug Administration is finalizing plans to control the amount of salt used in processed food. Read it here.

Of course, this will have a devastating effect on the beef jerky industry, the salt pork industry, the bacon industry and the country ham industry. In fact, I would suspect that salt cured meats will disappear all together.

It won't be long before the Morton Salt Umbrella Girl will be resting her overweight butt on a disclaimer decrying all the bad things salt does to Americans. At this rate, we're going to need a prescription to get a pound of bacon or eat a sausage McMuffin.

Americans are fat and have heart problems. Salt intake is probably one of the causes. So will we soon be seeing WARNING labels on our Big Macs. Do we not have enough government rule?

We are adults. Our bodies require salt. Must we have the government telling our restaurants and food producers how to prepare their food?

Rule loving fun haters. Sheeze!

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