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Monday, April 12, 2010

Reality? Really?

This may be the toughest question ever posed on a blog. Which show is the worst of these five?

Ice Road Truckers

Axe Men

Deadliest Catch


Flip This House


Michael Sanborn said...

They are horrible in the following order from worst to ... not as bad...

JUST PLAIN AWFUL: Flip This House/Ice Road Truckers (tie)
NOT AWFUL: Deadliest Catch (I actually like this show)

Douglas said...

I feel terribly derived. I have never seen any of those worst options.

Every so-called reality show might be another category for you. Saw the promos for the first of them and decided never to watch any of them.

Bill Fleming said...

I've only seen glimpses of 3 of them and wouldn't want to watch a whole episode. I recommend watching the "Life" series instead... I mean, if you want to watch more highly evolved animals with more interesting lives.

Bill Fleming said...

Now there's another interesting question for you, Bob... does a coral polyp have a more interesting life than an Ice Road Trucker?

Bob Newland said...

A colon polyp does.