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Saturday, March 20, 2010

You have to wonder sometimes...

In its efforts to justify outrageous high-management salaries, the USPS has hired companies to hire folks like me who have no discernible employable skills to narc on USPS employees. Nationally a mystery shopping program is being conducted now that requires shoppers to anonymously visit post offices and evaluate the customer experience.

I did two such shops east river recently for which I was paid stupid money (it is the Post Office, after all). Preparatory to the shops, the company that hired me sent me two manila envelopes (one for each post office I was to shop) full of blank sheets of paper which I was to mail to two strange addresses, one on each end of the USA.

Guess which delivery service they employed to send the worthless manila envelopes (at the rate of approximately $16 each) to me. First correct guess receives a free USPS job benefits brochure.

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