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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Methinks Bob Ellis doth protest too much.

At Blogmore, Bob Ellis rants that a woman should apologize to the Rapid City Police and the Air Force for having been treated shabbily.

I have noticed that several of those who have protested tolerance of homosexuality the most vehemently have turned out to be homosexual themselves. That's not an outing, it's just an observation.


Bob Ellis said...

You can't out something that doesn't exist, and my wife will attest to that.

Methinks Bob Newland is engaging in his usual pot-muddled attempt at rational thought, and as usual simply has nothing substantive with which to support his feeble arguments.

Newsome should have taken responsibility for her choices (after she failed to meet military requirements) and gone on her merry way. Unfortunately she has chosen to impugn both the U.S. Air Force and the Rapid City Police Department in an attempt to push her decadent agenda.

I know you would rather people remain silent and do nothing when evil presses in, but I simply can't do that. Good people should always rebuke error anytime it rears its ugly head in public.

If you pushed and excused evil a little less, you might understand this. You should try it sometime.

Bob Newland said...

Lots of homosexuals have wives; it's good cover, at least if the wife is of the opposite sex.

"Good people should always rebuke error anytime it rears its ugly head in public." Thanks for applauding my efforts.

"If you pushed and excused evil a little less...." Hmmm. Pushing and excusing evil? That sounds..., well, pot-muddled to me.

As Ellis knows, I have been pot-free for a year now, cuz I'm on probation. On the other hand, he can smoke as much as he wants.

John said...

I don't think Mr. Ellis' post at Blogmore is evidence of him being a closeted gay. I think it's pretty good evidence of him being a mean, horrible person, but definately not gay.

Bob Newland said...

Regardless of Ellis' denial of being gay, no one here has made that accusation.

Bill Fleming said...

Well, Ellis's moral position could lead one to think that he MIGHT be gay. His assertion that homosexuality is a "sin" implies that it is something we all would do if God didn't tell us not to.

I suppose we could clear it up by asking him when it was that he made the decision to be straight.

Finally, we could also ask him (although I doubt he'd be honest with his answer) whether or not he's ever masturbated.

If the answer is yes, then the we'd have to conclude that he's had a relationship with a member (pun intended) of his own sex at least once.

Anon E. Mouse said...

Anyone here ever read Savage Love? Dan Savage is a gay sex columnist in Seattle--that's gay sex-columnist, not gay-sex columnist (he advises straights too)--responsible for the neologisms santorum and saddlebacking.

Anyway, a few weeks ago he wrote this gem:

"One day, straight folks everywhere are going to realize that anti-gay ravers come in two flavors: assholes who are externalizing their own internal struggles against homosexual desires (Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, Joseph Ratzinger, et al.) and assholes who are attempting to compensate for and/or draw attention away from their own moral shortcomings (David Vitter, Mark Sanford, Vic Toews, et al.)." --

I think that might be slightly narrow in that there's probably a third flavor where a person's religious infection has gone septic and caused him or her to be just as vocal as the people of the first two varieties, while actually being straight and sincere. There are probably some combinations of the three as well. Maybe. What the hell do I know?

larry kurtz said...

Funny stuff, Bob N.

Perhaps,(as was mused over at Cory's place), Bob E's apologia for the GOP as the party of scorch and glut may merely be a device that enables his own propensity for addictive over-consumption.

No name poster said...

"If you pushed and excused evil a little less, you might understand this. You should try it sometime."

Okay, you're excused.