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Friday, March 26, 2010

National Socialist Radio

National Public Radio and many of its affiliates produce the best -- as in the most entertaining and informative -- news shows on the airwaves. However there is no question that its programs have a nearly universal liberal, or socialist, if you will, bias. That's all right, lefties get pissed about many of the same things I do. Some even enjoy some of the same things I do, although, I am sure, in a perverted pinko kinda way.

But during the past few days, segments about the health care bill have driven me nuts. Linda Wertheimer, Michelle Norris, Robert Siegel, et. al., have mentioned that people have been calling Obama a socialist, or even a communist. And they have done so with incredulity in their voices. That's what makes me crazy.

The health care bill is a socialist piece of work. Every definition of socialism confirms that. The apparent outrage or disbelief in the commentators' voices makes me think one of two things; either they are feigning their incredulity, or they don't know what "socialism" means.

NPR at its worst is far better than the best Air America ever produced, and leagues better than Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly or their ilk, but I think when NPR's personalities get done with their programming every day, they genuflect to an icon of FDR kissing Gus Hall's ring.


larry kurtz said...

Go easy, Bob; this is a little like rolling a live grenade into a nursery full of live puppies for me. Maybe you just don't know that Nina Totenberg is God.

Actually, I yelled at the radio today, too; another Palin sound bite. Good that no one heard me loudly proclaiming the acronym for Messianically Incomprehensible Lugubriosity Faction.

Bob Newland said...

I would drink Nina Totenberg's bathwater. With a hand grenade in it.

Bob Newland said...

Not MILF! Not you!

Wayne Gilbert said...

".......socialist, if you will...."

If I will what?