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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Predicting the News... almost always a really bad idea. That may have been the case here where I predicted a political sh*tstorm which was supposed to begin today. In that post I warned that people who start such storms are often hit in the face when the political wind shifts.

I'm sworn to secrecy and I keep my word. So, I'm not going to share anything with fellow Forumpians, until it becomes public record. And it will. But it appears some of the people who wished to start the storm are having second thoughts, and the matter will likely go away for awhile.

I hope that is so. There are a few politicians in this group for whom I have a smattering of respect. I would hate to see them lower themselves to the scum lords they appear to have almost joined in one of Rapid City's dirtiest political maneuvers ever. That someone thought of it disgusts me. That some are having second thoughts is encouraging.


Anonymous said...

Who do you work for? Or rather, who the hell is running the newspaper up there?

Taunia said...

.....signed Me.

Michael Sanborn said...

I work for myself. My prediction came true. Two of the principals were too sick to attend the meeting.

Game's not over.

Wayne Gilbert said...

I gather that this isn't about Blake Curd's donations?