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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hell Freezes Over

Angry Massachusetts voters sent Washington a ringing message today: Enough.

Voter anxiety and resentment, building for months in a troubled economy, exploded like a match on dry kindling in the final days of the special election for US Senate. In arguably the most liberal state in the nation, a Republican - and a conservative one at that - won and will crash the Bay State’s all-Democratic delegation with a mandate to kill the health care overhaul pending in Congress. Read the rest of The Boston Globe's version here.

So, Forumpians, what does this mean for the health care reform? What does it mean for Rep. Herseth-Sandlin? What does it mean for Nancy Pelosi? Harry Reid? President Obama?

Will the election that put a Republican in a seat formerly held for decades by Mr. Democrat, Ted Kennedy have the effect the media on the right believes it will?

Lots of questions. Let the feeding frenzy begin.


John said...

I'm really confused by recent events. If Tea Party people are angry about spending and government, then why are they voting for Republicans? Don't they realize that Republicans caused the mess in the first place? A Republican will talk about cutting spending and shrinking government to get votes, but change their minds when they're elected. In my opinion, these Tea Partiers who keep voting for Republicans are shooting themselves in their feet and making this country worse. What's wrong with them?

Anonymous said...

The United States of American is ruled and controlled by FEAR, not intelligent choices or informed decisions.

The bigger the issue, the more fear is invoked. Our country is paralyzed with fear. Our politics could scare the living sht out of a hungry homeless person so much so that they'd refuse a free lunch inside out of the rain.

Imagine if these sorry pieces of poop (i.e. senate) had to come up with another bill of rights? or really anything important? (like health care) Would not and could not happen. (but yes, its still worthwhile to keep all the old people scared because that's what keeps them in line with the party's current flavor - Just like religion, you betcha!)

The only thing our United States government has done of significance is the crap where a president can declare war without the senate approval.

Our country is paralyzed in fear. Fear of this, fear of that, fear of terror, fear of muslims, fear of the big corporations going bust, fear of losing our guns, fear of medicare, fear of socialism, fear of losing jobs, fear of creating jobs that may pollute, fear of pollution, fear of sending jobs away, fear of the insurance companies, fear, fear and fear...

Anonymous said...

In such a liberal state, I suspect Brown might end up being a RINO, if he intends to hold that seat. Teabag that, guys.

BMW said...

If there is no belief that one party is malignant while another is benign, then votes can only be cast for what is essentially the lesser of two evils.