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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keep it illegal.

In the AP story about the filing of signatures for the Safe Access Act, Attorney General Marty Jackley is quoted.

"I've seen the adverse effects that marijuana can have on certain personalities," the attorney general said. I agree. Anything whose mere mention almost universally makes legislators and prosecutors descend into gibberish should be illegal. It goes to the heart of good government.

The quote continues, "We've experienced violent crimes associated with the use of marijuana."

Indeed, anything the suspicion of whose presence can provoke a cop into shooting you should be illegal.


larry kurtz said...

As Herb says:"if ya got a big ass, ya wear big pants."

Swing a dead cat and you'll hit a State apparatchik worried about a budget dear to taxpayers anxious to turn campuses into prisons.

An eager AG preaching to a choir of Powerses clamoring for their suppers of GMO-based, pesticide-laden pork from DC hisses another hymn from Bill Janklow's pants.

Bob Newland said...

Even a dead cat bounces.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the people provide the pot and the cops provide the violence.

Michael Sanborn said...

I have to be a little suspect about potheads committing a lot of violent crime.

After all, what are they going to do, assault us with their bags of Cheetos?

Mr. Jackley is unique in his position. Nearly every judge and lawyer and cop I know say the war on marijuana is a waste of time, money and human spirit.

Bob Newland said...

"Nearly every judge and lawyer and cop I know says the war on marijuana is a waste of time, money and human spirit."

And what better reason to keep it illegal?

Anonymous said...

The first territorial judge in Deadwood never jailed an opium addict. How far we've fallen from that early frontier wisdom. PP's nanny state is running wild wasting our tax money and time.

If the AG is "worried" about violence he should campaign to ban marriage as that is the root of a plurality, if not the majority of violence.

larry kurtz said...

Marty Jackley is a lackey of the entrenched industial ag, hunt-for-hire, insurance-heavy, hospitalility-embedded wing of the corrupt SDGOP; his office is compromised.

These slimeballs are up to their areolae in BHP-shortselling, insurance company ensconced, and habitat-scorching expected of a GOP-glutted legislature.

Get pissed off or give up!

Michael Sanborn said...

Don't hold back, Larry. Tell us what you think.

I don't happen to think Mr. Jackley is the best or smartest AG we've ever had. Neither do I believe him to be corrupt. I believe he is misinformed, and too stubborn to recognize the truth when it clobbers him between the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Jackley is running for Gov so hard he hurts himself. He will say anything that will endear him to the wing-dings of the republican party. I had to laugh when this light weight barrister was the featured speaker at the SF Teabagger meeting. We have to put up with this clown for the next 4 years.