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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jesus' DNA...

Suppose the Shroud of Turin was the real deal — or one of the other relics... crown of thorns, true cross, Veronica's veil, whatever. If we could somehow get a copy of JC's DNA what would we find there? A clone of his mom? Or half Mary, half Jehova? Mother nature's mitochondria? Or what? Let's discuss.


caheidelberger said...

Obviously, we'd have the Second Coming. When mankind's knowledge reaches the level of sophistication that allows us to create a man from scratch, it's time for God to come down and clean house... right?

Seriously, we'd have regular human DNA (half Mary, half Joseph or whoever the story fronts for), profound evidence that probably still wouldn't change Bob Ellis's mind.

Bill Fleming said...

Yeah, Bob might have to finally come to comprehend the differences between analogy, similes and metaphors.

Troy Jones said...

We'd find something we couldn't understand for the Holy Spirit has no DNA.

For the sake of speculative discussion (and not treading into any heresy or blasphemy), I would suspect we'd find Mary's DNA and King David's DNA.

Troy Jones said...

Or Adam's

Bill Fleming said...

If, as you suggest Troy, the Holy Spirit has no DNA, I would expect Jesus' DNA to be identical to Mary's except for the male chromosome. In other words, there would be very little difference between his mitochondrial DNA and the DNA located in his cellular nuclei. A clone of Mary, if you will, with one altered chromosome.

Curious that you bring up David. I've read that the lineages given in the Gospels are different from book to book, but that in both cases they trace the genealogy of Joseph, not Mary. Do you find this curious, Troy.

Here's an overview.

Michael Sanborn said...

Paul's Epistle to the Romans clearly says that Jesus was descended from King David "according to the flesh."

Joseph was descended from David, not Mary. Mary was immaculately conceived, (without original pleasure) according to some Catholic doctrine, I'm told.

It is conceivable (if you'll pardon a Biblical pun) that Matthew's and Luke's apparent insistence that Mary's hymen was in tact at the time of conception, may have been misinterpreted, or "fudged" as so much of the original Gospels were by editing and rewriting, particularly by numerous overzealous Popes from the past.

I suspect the hypothetical DNA of which you speak would be that of Mary and Joseph.

And, I would suggest "not so fast" to Troy. How does HE know the Holy Spirit has no DNA?

If, as New Testament teaches, we have a triune God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit), and according to Old Testament Genisis, man was created in God's image, and if BOTH are inerrant, as Bob Ellis suggests, then the Holy Ghost has DNA because we were created in His image and We have DNA.

Troy Jones said...


This is just fun speculation as our knowledge is so limited. Let me touch on a couple of your comments.

"Joseph was descended from David, not Mary." We actually don't know if Mary wasn't also from the line of David. After the thousands of years between David and the birth of Mary, it is conceivable Mary also had David's DNA.

I've always intended to do some study on the rationale of the effort to detail Joseph's lineage. Maybe now I'll do it.

How do I know the Holy Spirit has no DNA? DNA is by-product of being human and it was Jesus who assumed human nature and not the Holy Spirit.

Your A+B=C "reasoning" that the Holy Spirit has DNA if faulty. We were created in the image of God but not equal to God in substance or nature. What I see in a photo graph or mirror is an image of myself but the image I see is not myself.

Fun conjecture though Bill.

Troy Jones said...

P.S. Regarding your comment "Mary was immaculately conceived, (without original pleasure) according to some Catholic doctrine, I'm told.

You are correct that Mary was immaculately conceived according to Catholic doctrine. However, the Church teaches that Joachin and Anne conceived Mary in the normal way. I suspect they enjoyed it. :)

Sex between husband and wife is to be enjoyed greatly.