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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bob & Bill

No you haven't been locked out of the forum. I had to change the password. Check your e-mail for the new one.


Bill Fleming said...

Thanks, Mike. That would only be a problem if I were signing in as you, which I have not done for quite some time. (Obviously, since I would have then been arguing with myself.)

Taunia said...

Thanks for the password!

New changes coming soon, including the daily dose of "Democrats Rule" column, and the newest display of those rascally Republican sayings, blunders, misvotes, failed filibustering and latest Alaskan quitters.

For our history lessons on Tuesdays we will transcribe the countless "intelligent" quotes from W that we remember and cherish so well. Rest in peace, Molly Ivans

Bill Fleming said...

Taunia, any time you want to do a topic, let us know. I for one will happily accommodate.

Michael Sanborn said...

We are open to comment and ideas for comment from anyone. Recognize that if we allow a nice bleating heart like Taunia, choose a topic and write on it, then I track down some hard-headed conservative to write a response.

Taunia said...

Bleating heart? As in bah, bah, black sheep, have you any wool?