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Monday, November 23, 2009

Yesterday's News Day After Tomorrow

The ever-so-timely Sioux Falls Argus Leader is just now figuring out that Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin has some issues to deal with now that the Democratic Party allowed her to vote against the House Health Care reform bill. Read all about it, (as if you haven't already) here.

If one wonders why newspapers around the country are going broke, perhaps they should recognize that the product they sell is yesterday's news day after tomorrow.

Bloggers throughout the state, including this one, had good commentary on Rep. Herseth Sandlin's unique and formidable situation quite some time ago. And, to be fair, the Argus covered the situation earlier than this piece.

So, instead of coming up with something new, the Argus chose to repeat what bloggers in this state have been saying for weeks. Maybe they should start crediting us. Maybe we should start copyrighting everything here, as should Hurst, Madville, South Dakota Watch and War College.