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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dennis Daugaard announces

I attended the announcement for Dennis Daugaard's gubernatorial campaign yesterday. To date, Mr. Daugaard is the only candidate, Republican or Democrat, who has shown the remotest interest in West River issues, most importantly tourism. He's going to be a good candidate.

I've posted on Mr. Munsterman before and noted that his "book" barely acknowledges that there is a South Dakota west of the Missouri River. Dave Knudson is more difficult to reach and doesn't have a "book" to refer to. His website does not mention issues relating to anything west of the river. Ken Knuppe doesn't mention tourism on his website issues either. And he's from West River.

Only Daugaard has a section on his website concerning the state's second largest industry.

It's early in the campaign. Each Republican candidate has been invited to an online debate on this blog. One has agreed to participate so far. And, in fairness, the others haven't had time to respond.

This has been discussed backline and when we're able to put the debate together we'll release more details. In the meantime...anyone have any questions they'd like all the Republican candidates for governor to answer?

Update: Two candidates have accepted.


Thad Wasson said...

Mr. Sanborn, please ask our candidates for governor this question. Does not taking stimulus money cause the citizens of South Dakota to have an indirect tax placed on them?

Bill Fleming said...

• Ask them what they intend to do about reconciliation with the Tribes and the health problems on the reservation.

• Ask them how they feel about the fact that 90% of all the prisoners in the state are suffering from an addiction problem.

• Ask them where they stands on the smoking ban in bars, restaurants and casinos.

• Ask them how they plan to change the SD economy to encourage more young people to stay in the state and contribute to the economy.

• Ask them if it's time for a state income tax.

• Ask them about alternative energy and Black Hill Corp's proposed 25%+ rate hike.

• Ask them if they support embryonic stem cell research being done in SD.

• Ask them how old they think the planet earth is, and if living humans ever shared it with living dinosaurs.

• Ask them how many kinds of neutrinos there are, how much they weigh, what dark matter is, and why the Underground Lab in Lead is important.

Anonymous said...

Good list, Bill. Also ask them specifically, dollar-by-dollar how they will address the $150 million budget structural deficit.