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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The SCI solution

Sanmina SCI recently closed down here in Rapid City, leaving a very large office and manufacturing building. My wife was among those who lost her job there.

Comes now the folks at county government looking for space to put county employees. We can kill a number of birds with a relatively inexpensive stone.

The building exists. It has a bunch of offices. It has a bunch of space protected by an excellent security system. It has a bunch of really good, large conference rooms that are at least as large as our current courtrooms. It has a gymnasium. It has a cafeteria. And it has numerous rooms that could be used as lounges.

Let's buy it for less than it would cost to build new and make a multi-purpose work-release, courthouse, courtroom, county office facility and save the county's taxpayers a bunch of dough they don't have to spend.


Bill Fleming said...

Makes sense to me.

Donna said...

It is also some distance from any schools or residential areas, and -amazing concept here- actually ZONED for such use.

Since the sale of the Creek Drive location will be in the appeal process for quite some time, this could be obtained in a more timely manner as well.