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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Question for legislators and law enforcement.

So folks, what's the 24/7 program for DWT (Driving While Texting)?

It's way more dangerous than DUI, it's hard to prove, and it's mind numbingly irresponsible.

So do we build more prisons for it? Humiliate the criminals? Put them all on work release and charge them through the nose every time they turn around?

Or have we decided that it's more fair to only treat people who have an addiction disease that way, and instead give people who are just stupid, grossly negligent, and criminally reckless a little slap on the wrist?

Talk to me.


Michael Sanborn said...

Excellent post Bill! I'm seldom in favor of any new laws. But, in the case of texting while one is driving, well....there ought to be a law!

Bob Newland said...

As I was mentioning to my wife the other day, I was sayin', yeah I know a lot of people can point to a lotta faults I have, but you can tell'em, "At least he's not texting."

Bill Fleming said...

^5 Bob.