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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joy Effing BEHAR?!

Are you KIDDING me!? HLN, formerly known as CNN Headline News is putting Joy "The View" Behar in the driver's seat of a new "news" talk show. Read it here.

C'mon liberals! Of course, this begs the question: Is this a joke? Behar is a stand-up comic who is extremely well-known as being the most anti-Republican person on television. How in the world can anyone take her seriously?

She's funny. An excellent comic. But elevating her to host of a talk show on a channel that is supposedly devoted to news is, well, laughable.

She is the queen of liberal name-callers, whom I have yet to see ever elevate a conversation or treat a single Republican with an ounce of respect.

It is bad enough that we have a comic (and a bad one at that) who is now a Senator from our sister to the east. Now the Fourth Estate – the watchdog of our government; the primary institution for which the First Amendment to our Constitution was written – is being peopled by clowns.


caheidelberger said...

"C'mon liberals"? Curious: are you trying to tar all of us liberals with the MSM's questionable choice of an entertainer to headline a news program? I can't even recall seeing Ms. Behar on TV, let alone catching any of her apparently noxious name-calling.

And hey, don't be dissing Senator Franken. I'll agree he's not the greatest comic... perhaps because his true calling is to be a calm, sober stateman and policy wonk! Have you seen him in action? He knows his stuff!

Taunia Adams said...

Behar has done job filling in for Larry King.

We'd welcome ann coulter, too.

Behar vs coulter! Bwahah!

Taunia Adams said...

...has done a fine job...

Bill Fleming said...

Better than that sellout, Dennis Miller. That guy should take a long walk off a short dock. Oh wait, he did!

Michael Sanborn said...

Dennis Miller has been a political satirist since the beginning. So was Mort Sahl; so is Lewis Black; so is Bill Maher. All excellent, from different points of view.

Joy Behar was a stand-up with limited quality material, damned good delivery, questionable timing and a great gimmick as the gum-chomping Italian with a foul mouth from a rough N.Y. neighborhood.

What she is not, is politically astute, and so just comes off mean when she can't think of anything smart to say, she volleys an insult.

Bill Fleming said...

Ok, Mike, I surrender. Hey, you're the comedy expert around here AND the only one among us with a real press pass (I think my old El Malcriado one has expired). So I concede your argument, sir, lest I find myself giving myself the Second official Artie Oakey Award

Taunia Adams said...

"What she is not, is politically astute..."
(This would be open for interpretation as far as being politically astute.)

but I believe the rest of it, "and so just comes off mean when she can't think of anything smart to say, she volleys an insult" would apply to Rush, Ingram, Borts, etc.

Good thing we have the choice to turn the channel.