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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Get Out of the Way! I'm Moving To the Left!

Bill and I (but especially Bill) have become the focus of another blog's lengthy and confused rants. I'm not telling you who it is, because you already know. I'm not providing a link, because you needn't bother.


caheidelberger said...

I said it last fall: we are all socialists now! ;-)

BWJunior said...

The problem is Michael, is it him talking or the people he links to. His whole rant against you and Fleming is based on links to others. i.e. Flemming is an insert your favorite term ending in -ist here because Chuck Norris says this or Rush Limbaugh says that.

Is he even able to formulate an opinion or does he need others to do it for him?

Steve Sibson said...


Why can't you see it as a bunch of us see the problem? Why can't you see it as "research", fact based, and not somebody's opinion?

Taunia Adams said...

Anyone see Will Ferrell's clip about insurance execs at "Funny or Die"?

A must see.

I suck at copy and paste, sorry if it doesn't work.

Cory beat y'all to it.