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Monday, September 21, 2009


A Criminal Organization of Racketeers and Ne'erdowells

So, where do we go from here, my liberal friends? Just a bunch of nice folks encouraging and aiding people in getting their voices heard by registering them (several times each) to vote. These lovely "community organizers" for whom our President Obama once worked have now been become the center of attention on right wing radio and Fox News while liberal media outlets have barely noticed.

ACORN was founded by the famous embezzler, Wade Rathke, who left the violent Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) to found the National Welfare Rights Organization and later hooked up with buddy Gary Delgado, head dude at Applied Research Center and its mouthpiece, Colorlines Magazine, the most anti-white publication I've ever seen, to form this lvoely organization whose "volunteers" appear to have no difficulty in aiding a pimp and an under-age prostitute in their efforts to scam the government into helping them with a mortgage, which was to be used as a house of prostitution where illegal alien, minor girls would ply their wares. The problem? The pimp and workin' girl were would-be journalists who videotaped the deal.

So Congress moved quickly to halt their federal funding. Whoopee!

Here is an organization which is known to have corrupted this country's election process. They fired a few folks and carried on as usual. Here is an organization that was clearly willing to aid and abet the theft of tax dollars for a criminal enterprise.

Where is the outrage? Where is the call for a full-fledged Department of Justice investigation? Where is the Attorney General?


Bill Fleming said...

"The reaction in Washington was unusually swift. The Census Bureau, which had contracted with ACORN, severed all ties. The Senate voted 83-7 to strip ACORN of access to federal transportation and housing money. Then the House voted 345-75 to defund ACORN entirely." — New Hampshire UnionLeader

Too bad we can't get that kind of quick, bi-partisan action on health care reform, Michael. I'd say your liberal friends were right there with you on this one, mon.

As far as further investigation goes, I'm thinking you should maybe get in line behind Dick Cheney, Bush, Gonzales, Diebold, et al.

senor citizen said...

Just this morning I heard the Justice Department was starting an investigation. My only problem here is that it took only two young ordinary citizens to bring down this (probably originally good idea and organization but now definitely corruption on steroids) ACORN. Where was Congress for all these years when it knew this was going on also?

Randall said...

ACORN looks like one more example of failure that Obama inherited from GW Bush.

If only the Bush administration hadn't funneled tens of millions of dollars into that organization perhaps it wouldn't have evolved into what Fox News says it is today.

Taunia Adams said...

I suspect anyone contacted by ACORN at this point would hang up or slam the door.

Which means ACORN will regroup under a different name.

Then what?

Bill Fleming said...

Here's an idea, Mike. Thinking conservatively, we only have so much money to fund investigations, right?

So, if you can only afford one investigation, who do you want to shake down?

2. Blackwater
3. Cheney
4. Obama

Michael Sanborn said...


I choose ACORN, not because of their little whorehouse adventure, but for their voter fraud issues.

Our vote is all we have to keep all the checks and balances, well...balanced.

Bush and Cheney were investigated and it was recommended that further investigation would be counter productive. Obama agreed, but his attorney general has a chip on his shoulder and is pursuing anyway.

I haven't seen anything (yet) that would inspire me to call for an Obama investigation.

Be honest Bill, if the situation were reversed and ACORN was a decidedly Republican arm, and you knew they subverted the constitution in blatant and unrepentant voter fraud, how loud would you be hollering for an investigation?

Bill Fleming said...

Ok, Mike, let's take this rug out and shake it a little bit... see what falls out.

First, two quick stories close to home.

Deadwood, SD to be exact. The story is told that before the last big hooker bust up there circa early 1980's the police would occasionally get a call from one of the madams about some John who was trying to stiff (pun intended) the ladies out of their payment. The cops would ask, well, did you use the room? The guy would say yeah, then the cops would ask the madam, ma'm are the rooms for rent? She'd say yeah, and the coups would then tell the guy, we'll mister you better pay up, or you're goin' to jail.

Next, just recently. We see that a petition to put an issue on the ballot comes up with something like 9,000 invalid signatures. 2,000 can maybe be explained by the notaries' writing down the wrong expiration date on the forms, but what about the remaining 7,000?

Ok, now to ACORN. You've already said the hooker thing is not all that big a deal to you.

I would think not. You're a lifelong observer of the goings on in Sturgis every summer, am I right?
Yeah, me too. Case closed on that one.

Ok, so what about your "election fraud" gripe?

From what I can tell, the ratio of phony registered voters to properly registered voters is about the same as the ratio of good petition signatures to bad petition signatures in the current smoking ban repeal issue.

So, are you seriously telling me that you think these shenanigans are more damaging to our country than lying to our people about WMD's, torturing our enemies and other "suspected" enemies, killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and sending tens of thousands of our soldiers to be killed and maimed? ...and don't even get me started on the Blackwater boys or the other goons we've hired.