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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I wonder who this is too...

This one is so obscure, I'll be shocked if anybody
figures it out. Shocked, I tell ya! The story is wonderful. Too bad I can't tell you about it. Maybe later.

For now, just two little clues:

1. No, it's not one of Ron Volesky's ancestors.
2. No this person never ran for Governor.


Taunia Adams said...

It's a product of the following families:

Ulyesses Grant's
Michael Bolton's
Michael Bolton's
Ru Paul's

Taunia Adams said...

Wild Bill's, in the place of one of those Michael Bolton's.

Bob Newland said...

This might be Gutzon Borglum?

Bill Fleming said...

Cold as ice, people. Funny,

DragonFly said...

Will ya give clues?

Is the picture photoshopped or an original?

Any relation to you and your family, Mr. Bill?

How long are you going to wait to shock us?

Bill Fleming said...

It's a photoshopped composite, Dragonfly.

The face is from one photo the rest from another.

No relation to my family.

I have a story, but I'm not sure if I want to post it.

I'm thinking of maybe doing a contest or something.

I will offer this clue however.

I comment on other blogs besides this one, and this picture is a result of something that happened fairly recently between me and a person I was having an exchange with elsewhere.

I thought it was funny. But he... maybe not so much. He hasn't been back on the blog since I said what I said.

That means the longer it takes for someone to start researching who this is, the harder it will be to find the reference.

I say all that to say this: it's quite likely there is a person who knows exactly what the picture is all about and is hoping to high heaven I will never tell you.

DragonFly said...

Thanks for the hints.

Hand raised up and moving back and forth.

I know!

I know who it is!

I don’t know if you want me to let the cat out of the bag...

Bill Fleming said...

You can say, DragonFly. I'm the one who promised not to. But first, do you think it's funny, or mean? I go back and forth.

DragonFly said...

I don't know the whole story of the Art Oakes picture, so I can't answer your question.

What I do know is life is too short not to laugh at ourselves. We shouldn't always take ourselves so seriously.

I love the style of it...If it was a picture of me, I'd want a copy.

Bill Fleming said...

Good sleuthing, DragonFly!

How did you figure out who it was?

DragonFly said...

Oil and water don’t mix.

I can’t run with the big boys, but I read some of the blogs you comment on. AO and you have had differences.

What am I saying?

He seems to have differences with most people.

KOTA interviewed him in The healthcare bill: What's not in it from KOTA. After reading the clues and the article, it dawned on me, it had to be him.

DragonFly said...

Doh! Sorry I was redundant with the Kota.

Bill Fleming said...

Okay, DragonFly. Here's the story:

Read it down from the last post on the 10th of Aug through Aug 11th and you'll see why he's dressed like he is, and what the "real name" of the picture is.

In other words, there is one last puzzle piece, but I'm just sure you can figure it out.

And thanks for the fun!

DragonFly said...

I'm not sure on the missing puzzle piece...All I came up with is her ascribed motto. (?)

It's been fun. I hope you do more puzzles in the future.

Bill Fleming said...

Not sure what you mean by "ascribed motto," DragonFly.

Care to elaborate?

BTW, I do have a new contest going which I think will be a little harder, but maybe not.

See the "Squirrel/Sock Puppet Troll Hunting" post above.