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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good idea, Ron!

Thats our girl! Do they have rodeos in Alaska?


Braden said...

She reminds me of the crazy aunt that says some wildly inappropriate comment at a party and you just respond with a polite "haha, yeah" and quickly walk away as there's no sense arguing with her because she'll just get all worked up into a temper tantrum about Muslims, illegal immigrants, and the mainstream media.

Only this crazy aunt was almost Vice President. That still makes me shutter ever time I say it.

Gordon Howie said...

What makes me shudder are people who DON"T get all worked up over extreme Muslims (or "regular"
Muslims who won't denounce their behavior), illegal immigrants, the deceptive mainstream media, and our current Vice President!

Taunia Adams said...

Or worse, people who can't comment on the current post, but deflect attention to something/someone else.

Ad hominen.
Argument from personal incredulity?
Non sequitor. (definitely)

Bill Fleming said...

Gordo, surely you haven't sampled the "death panel" kool aid, have you?

Don't you think it's creepy how many lies are coming up around the health care issue?

What's that all about?

Is it real grassroots or big corporate astroturf?

Braden said...

Taunia: you're right, it was an ad hominem. Her claim that Obama will be running death panels doesn't deserve a serious discussion, and doesn't need to be disproven. The claim by Ron Reagan that Sarah Palin is a clown is backed up by the evidence on the video: she said Obama will run death panels. Neither of these really needs discussion.

What I was doing was called a 'joke.' It's usually over the top and often an ad hominem, as this makes it 'funny.'

And Mr. Howie has apparently been hanging out with some 'crazy aunts' lately. Darn Muslims, stupid immigrants, biased media!!!

*awkward look*
"Haha... yeah."
*walks away*

Bill Fleming said...

It seems like somebody is maybe in trouble here, but I can't figure out which one of us it is!


Somebody pass me the clown nose.

Honk! Honk!

Taunia Adams said...

My response was to Gordon Howie.

The End.

Bill Fleming said...

Whew. Glad we got that straightened out. Thanks Taunia! BF