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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WWGHD? Calling Gordon Howie...

By now most of you've probably read the screed the GOP put out to "celebrate" Scott Heidepriem's announcement as the Democratic Candidate for Governor of SD. I'm not going to reprint it here. If you want to read it, here's a google link: Take your pick of articles. I'm sure they are all equally enlightening (if you like that sort of thing.) I was just wondering what Gordon Howie thought of it. And since he's shared that he's watching us (and everybody else) from the sidelines, I wrote him an email, and he wrote back. (Yeah, good ol' Gordo, huh?) Here's how the exchange went:

Hi Gordon,

As our official Governors Race Conservative Observer, I'm going to ask you what you think of the press release from the SDGOP regarding Scott Heidepriem's candidacy?

I see Lee Shoenbeck has denounced it – as have several other GOP conservatives.

Do you think this was a good opening volley from your party?

Have you decided you might be better off as an independent? (wink)

Feel free to chime in (or not) as you see fit.

You know your thoughts are welcome here. BF

...and Gordon Howie Answers:


Thanks for the email. I have expressed my concern regarding this press release. It does not represent the party well, and does not reflect the sentiments of Republicans in general.

Any successful campaign needs to be based on a foundation of issues. I think you will see in the days to come, a much more focused and substantive presentation of ideas and issues from the State Republican party.

I don't personally endorse or accept the tone of this press release. We have important things to discuss in this campaign. I will encourage everyone I know to take the high road.

No, I don't think I am ready to be become an Independant (yet). I prefer to be a conservative working within the framework of the Republican party to make a difference and influence the direction of the party and the State.

Thanks again for asking!

(p.s. I'm not taking comments on this one... because, well, why? Ok, if somebody really has to say something, tell me some other way, and I'll think about opening it up, ok? Thanks. BF)