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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Howie wrap up. Is you is, or is you ain't, Gordo? Part 3, the final installment... maybe.

Okay, Gordon found my last email
apparently (probably out by the
woodshed, I'm guessing) and has
dutifully addressed all my final
questions as follows:

1. Do you support any of the announced Gubernatorial candidates out there now? Are there any that look promising to you? Perhaps one or two that you'd like to mentor or work with in some way or another?

There always seems to be a strong pool of talent to draw from in the Republican party. The Governors race is no exception. At this moment, I don't expect to be endorsing any of them during the primary. I have been meeting with them and plan to have continued conversations about what South Dakota needs. Part of that process is determining whether, or how, receptive they are to input on important issues. There are several groups, including the Rapid City Tea Party group, Citizens for Liberty (, who are going to be developing voter guides that will help people evaluate all the candidates. I am still evaluating. We all need to know more about the principles that guide these candidates, and the policies they support. Am I the only one who thinks it has been pretty quiet regarding discussion of the issues by these candidates so far?

2. Is it safe to say that you'll make your decision as to whether to run or not, sometime AFTER the next legislative session, or is it possible you may announce sooner? And related to that, since you're floating a balloon here, if you decide you're NOT going to run, will you make a formal announcement, or just quietly fade back into the political landscape.

My decision doesn't have any time line attached to it. There isn't any pressing need to make any decision. What interests me most, and will motivate me to make a decision, is how the candidates are moving on important issues. It doesn't seem likely that I would make a formal announcement that I am NOT running. All options are on the table, and that gives me the most flexibility to be effective in influencing the issues. Fading doesn't seem to be part of my DNA :-)

3. Do you ever miss the good old Shakey's Pizza days? I sure do. Making your ads was a riot.

I don't miss much about the days in the food business (except, perhaps, working with you). That experience gave me a wonderful appreciation for the challenges faced by those who make their living in that business. When I pay too much for a meal, I can smile and be grateful I am not the one who had to figure out how to make a profit serving food. My hat is off to people who have mastered that challenge!! They earn every penny they make!

p.s. I see you had a pretty nice flurry of questions and reactions yesterday, Gordon. Any chance you'll be responding to any of them here? I think they've been very patient in waiting this long, don't you?

Your blog does seem to be a pretty civil forum. It is still easy to find the cynics, but you do a good job keeping them in check! I think I have responded to the serious, relevant questions, but if you see a hole somewhere, Bill, let me know. Thanks again for the opportunity. I'll be checking in to keep an eye on you!

Always a pleasure, Mr. Howie.

So, anyone have any final questions?

Or, as Gordo puts it, any "holes out there somewhere?"


Bob Newland said...

He's doing research to find out who owns me.

Bill Fleming said...

Funny, Bob.

Ok, true story.

While I was talking with Gordon on the phone as he was previewing the Forum to see if he really wanted to be a guest, he asked, "Hey, are my eyes deceiving me, or does that little owl you have for an icon move every once in a while?"

I told him, "Yeah, he has the hiccups. My daughter animated him for me." Gordon laughed and said something about it making him want to get his shotgun out!

Then he said, "speaking of birds, I can't tell for sure, but in Newland's picture, is he flipping me off every once in a while or what?"