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Monday, July 6, 2009

What do you want to know about the candidates?

As a licensed and certified member of the Media, I plan to ask the candidates for governor of South Dakota some questions. Not that I think they'll answer them, but at least I shall ask. There are, however, two challenges.

First, how do I get hold of them? I just went to Dave Knudson's website. There is no direct connection given. I guess I can kinda understand that the campaign might feel overwhelmed by having a direct email, rather than a "join our effort" signup page, but it's frustrating when a person who wants to govern me doesn't give me a way to ask him his views on things. So, anybody out there have an email address for any of the gubernatorial candidates?

Second, what do you want to know? You can either post your questions to any of the gubernatorial candidates in the comments, or you can email them directly to me: Be aware that you will have to respond to a challenge from SpamArrest; without its firewall I would drown in unwanted solicitations for male enhancement products.

I'll post any answers I receive from the various candidates.


PP said...

Will they allow you to blog from jail/treatment, or do you anticipate being out before the primary?

Bob Newland said...

And Happy July 6 to you, too.