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Monday, July 6, 2009

At least Knuppe has a contact email

Newland says: I sent the following email to Ken Knuppe today via the email address posted on his website.

Hello Ken,

I'm a moderator for a So. Dak. politics-mainly blog called Decorum Forum. Our readers would like to know something about those who are running for governor of So. Dak. I've listed below the items you have chosen as campaign issues. If you would care to expand on them giving us specifics on your plans for each item, I'll post your responses on the blog.

Thank you,

Bob Newland; 1998 Libertarian nominee for Gov. of SD

Below are some of the key issues Ken intends to address as Governor. Please contact Ken to discuss the issues that concern you and your family.

  • Keep government simple and accessible to all people
  • Strengthen the economy
  • Promote small business
  • Enhance profitability in agriculture
  • Improve insurance options for small businesses
  • Capture and utilize various forms of energy
  • Ensure property tax structure is fair and effective
  • Improve education funding

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