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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Question for the Day:

Should Pat Powers rename his
blog the SD Civil War College?
(Poll to follow as soon as I get the necessary permissions...)
Gotta run now.
May have a real juicy political tidbit
to share real soon. Stay tuned.


David Newquist said...

No. It should be named:

South Dakota Wart Collage: South Dakota's #1 Site for Ugly

PP said...

Bill, I think I'm kind of missing the point.

But if invoking my name in a sibbyish manner helps generate controversy and/or comments, then by all means....

PP said...

Ho Ho Ho! There's David Newquist displaying his wit. Ho Ho Ho!

Carl LaFong said...

PP, Sibby, Fleming - interchangeable pieces.

Bill Fleming said...

PP, for the point, see the "I can't believe I'm sitting next to a Republican post below."

We're watching the implosion of a major political party.

What's going on?

That's the point.

You've said as much yourself over the past year.

Yes? No?

PP said...

And I think that's where my confusion comes from. There's no implosion except in the wishful dreams of Democrats.

I've said we need to quit tearing at each other (ala Sibby and Stan at opposite ends) and focus on where we agree, because elections are about addition, and not subtraction.

But I don't think the party is in a state of civil war.

If anything, I see the GOP starting to move back together to stand against the soul crushing expansion of government that Obama is trying to jam down our throats.

Watch for 2010. I'm seeing a good year for the GOP.

Bill Fleming said...

...interchangeable pieces...

Right, Carl, as per the "Who Am I" physics post and great dialog below.

Carl LaFong said...

Uh yeah, thanks Mr. Literal.

But, I was simply noting that neither one of you is more interesting nor more valid than the other two.

When you three start sniping at each other it's the ultimate pot calling the kettle black exercise.

Bill Fleming said...

Interesting perspective, Pat.

Some might say it's kind of a head-in-the-sand perspective, based on the kinds of conversations they hear around the coffee shop and read on blogs like your and ours here, and watch and read about in the media.

That's not to mention recent polls that show the lowest number of people claiming to be Republicans in decades.

But whatever.

Like you say, time will tell, I suppose.

Good luck with that.

Because you know what they say, right?

"Some of my best friends are Republicans."

Later, mon.

Bill Fleming said...

Thanks for your continuing input, Carl.

It's always interesting (sometimes maybe even fascinating?) and greatly and widely appreciated (as you surely must by now know).

(Good old Carl, a legend in his own mind.)

Carl LaFong said...

Poor Bill.

Bob Newland said...

"Some of my best friends are Republicans."

But I wouldn't want my ex-wife to marry one.

Les said...

It never ceases to amaze me how highly intelligent people can lower themselves to petty name calling. That is where I feel I am wasting time and energy coming back to the blog world. And on the Decorum Forum no less!!

Bill Fleming said...

It's all in fun, Les. We all know each other. At least that's my perspective on it.

Les said...

I understand Bill. I do much of the same in my circle, it is easy to mix it up, a little serious with a little joking. It is kind of like walking down the middle of the road, it's easy to get hit.