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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Now THAT's a teaparty!

Did you see the video of these
folks hanging this sign?

Holy buckets, were they organized or what?

And how DID they slip by security anyway?

I got the feeling that if their goal was to
blow Lincoln's face off the side of the mountain,
it would be gone by now. Let's discuss.

Here's a link to get us started.


Michael Sanborn said...

Somebody's likely to get fired over this....

The CSM release suggests that Obama would like to have his face up there someday. Bad news...geology won't allow it.

Donna said...

That's not exactly what I would call bad news. Thanks to Borglum for superb planning.

Bill Fleming said...

Donna, I'm with you. If there was any additional space, Ronnie Reagan would already be up there. He would have seen to it himself, I suspect.

Donna said...

Bill- I knew there was going to be something about you that I liked !!

Bill Fleming said...

See Sam Hurst's take in this...AND Herseth.

Run it down brother: