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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Is Rush right?

Maybe the Republican Governors are fed up. disgusted, they're walking off the job
and going out on their own to find something
— anything— else to do that gives their lives

So they're taking a hike.

Let's call it The Appalachian Two Step.
Or maybe, more patriotically — because
after all, it is Independence Day —
The Liberty Shuffle.

For Sanford it was a few trips to South America
to seek comfort in a newfound soulmate.
He's trying to hang in there, but we all know
his heart's not in it, because he told us so.

Boy, did he ever. ...over, and over, and over...

For Palin it's more simple and clear cut.

We don't know why yet, but she's pretty much
just told her fellow Alaskans, "Hey there folks,
I know you like me and stuff, but you know
what, by golly? I don't want your darn job any
more, so kiss my ass. Catch ya later. I got
other things ta do, ya know?"

So who's next?

Which Republican governor will
be the next one to go on strike?

Hey, babies, do you wanna dance?

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