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Sunday, July 26, 2009

100%? That's every single time.

Sibby asks in the "atheists" comments below, "Was Ghandi 100% right 100% of the time? In other words, was Ghandi God?"

I was wonderin' if God was right 100% of the time. I mean, some say (s)he created naked mole rats. Some even say (s)he created Bill Janklow. And then there's Lance Russell?


Anonymous said...

Well let's see....

One of God's angel's turned on him and gave Heaven some competition by opening a new joint called Hell (where all the cool people hang out).

Later on, the VERY FIRST two creations he made IN HIS OWN IMAGE disregarded his extremely simple instructions and ate the naughty fruit.

.... Which inevitably resulted in GOD being so displeased in how his creations turned out, that he destroyed ALL OF THEM except one mating pair of each creature.

And that's just the first book.

So apparently God, by his own admission (because, as we all know, the Bible is HIS direct word), is not infallible.

[aaron] said...

I didn't mean to post Anonymously...

.... just under a fictitious name.

[aaron] said...

Hmm... well that didn't work. It posted my real name.

Anyway... A fallible God is no god at all. Ghandi may be a mere mortal man, but he was God as well.